Fireplace Do’s and Don’ts

There’s nothing better than warming by the fire after a long, cold day.  Check out do’s and don’ts for maintaining your fireplace and stove.

Pug sitting by the fire*

  1. DO ensure that there is a working carbon monoxide monitor in place
  2. DO follow the manufacturer’s user instructions for your appliance
  3. DO burn the correct fuels for the appliance
  4. DO get the flue swept at least twice a year by a competent chimney sweep
  5. DO instruct the sweep to use the correct brushes for the type of flue installed
  6. DO burn hard woods rather than soft woods


Will Smith Puts Fire Out

  1. DO NOT allow the appliance to “slumber” as this produces very corrosive condensate that cause flue damage and can lead to chimney fires
  2. DO NOT burn “wet” or unseasoned wood, painted or treated timber, household refuse or petrochemical by-products
  3. DO NOT overfill your stove or appliance
  4. DO NOT use accelerants like lighter fuel, sugar and the like


* yes we know it’s an electric fire but who does not like pugs?


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