Case Study: Thatched Roof

Thatched house from outside

Thatched properties, which once prominently featured across the landscape, are slowly disappearing.  Over the years, Chimcoat has had the pleasure of maintaining and installing stoves in these unique properties.

Thatched properties come with strict regulations to prevent fires.  While fires are rare in thatched properties when fire safety regulations are followed when a fire does break out it tends to be from the chimney.  Check out our blog on chimney safety guidelines for thatch roofs.

Recently, we were called to a thatched property after the homeowner’s insurance company flagged a few issues with another company’s stove installation.  The stove was installed with a 90 deg bend, which should never be used other than in gas or oil appliances.  Due to the bend, the stove was placed too far out on the hearth causing the door to hang over the edge increasing the risk of fire.  There was no chimney pot and the terminal was not adequate; often when thatch roof fires occur it is due to a stray spark.


Before Chimcoat installation:

After Chimcoat installation:

Chimcoat was happy to provide the customer with a stove installation compliant to insurance regulations.  Due to the increased risk of fire in thatched properties, be sure to contact an expert for your stove installation and maintenance.