Christmas at Mount Stewart

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe scene is set the chimney swept and the fire lit. One of Northern Ireland’s favourite National Trust properties prepares for the festivities.


We have worked with the National trust on many of their unique and interesting properties all over NI and Mount Stewart is one of our favourites. Only a few years ago we helped in the restoration of the Mount Stewart house and we relined a good few of the flues.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Above is one of the gather hoods we installed in behind the grand feature fireplace.

This week we were called back to sweep the flue for the grand feature fireplace in the main drawing room, presumably to allow Santa good access next week, but also to prepare for a the TV cameras on Monday.  The filming will feature the grand fireplace lit for an up-coming Christmas special.

Working in a house like this, you are very aware that you are surrounded by irreplaceable pieces of furniture, art and decor. So we made a cabin that covers the fireplace and allows us to get in and do our work without contaminating the rest of the room



Our man James drew the short straw.

The last part of the job is to perform a smoke test to make sure it is all set for the big day.


For more details on what’s on in Mount Stewart this Christmas see here.




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