Dreaded Damp

The dreaded damp is never good news. It’s bad for your home and its also bad for your health. The mold on the walls and ceiling are the indicators of a more serious cause. co3lexeweaavbvr If you get it on or near your chimney then it can suggest that there is a problem with your brickwork, the lead tray in your stack or your flashing.  It can happen even in fairly new homes,  if you have ever seen salt crystallising  on brickwork this can be an opportunity for damp to creep in. The salts leach out of the brickwork and as they form crystals these crystals grow and start to push the brickwork apart. image3 Sometimes a chimney with this problem will lean into the wind.  Have a look at the picture above that explains what is actually happening here.  damp-on-chimney-breast If you are up in your attic getting your Christmas decorations down and you see a chimney like this it is usually a sign that your stack needs attention.  Every brick stack should have a damp course built in to prevent water getting into the void and trickling down.  Sometimes it has perished or sometimes it has been left out altogether. On older chimneys the mortar is the only seal that keeps the flue gases in and the moisture out. img_5365 On this gable end you can not only see the leakages along the flue lengths but you can also see how much pointing has gone.

Your chimney is a specialist part of your house, it has to take some pretty extreme conditions, construction and care should really be done by a specialist company like Chimcoat, for over 25 years we have been building, repairing cleaning and maintaining chimneys all over Ireland.

If you need a quote or advice, you can get in contact using the form below.  We are always happy to help.






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