Wooden Beams

Wooden beams look great with a stove, there’s no doubt about that.  Done right a stove can be fitted  and you can use natural materials to compliment the look. However It has to be done right. imag1068 Here are a few examples of wooden beams using reclaimed timber to compliment the look. The beams on both are away from the stove. imag1110



The stove and the black pipe will radiate heat and as we all know the wood in the beam is every bit as burnable as the wood we put in the stove.  Building regulations state that combustible materials such as the wood in these beams must be no closer than three times the diameter of the black pipe. So If you have a 5 inch pipe it needs to be 15 inches away, or 18 inches if you have a 6 inch single skin pipe coming off the stove.  Insulated twin wall can also present a danger around combustibles like wood but the distance is usually much less than 3 times the diameter, the actual safe distance for your twin wall will be the last 2 numbers of it’s designation number.

Problems occur when people fit wood too close to the stove and we saw one case where the home owner could smell smoke when the stove was lit. wp_20160215_09_09_36_pro On closer inspection we found that not only was the stove lit, but the wooden beam was also alight. wp_20160215_09_28_00_pro

You can clearly see from the photo how long it had been smoldering away, giving off smoke and fumes well after the stove has gone out and the owners have gone to bed.  It really could have been a horrific situation.  Always install a  carbon monoxide alarm in the room where the stove is and trust it if it goes off.  Sealed alarms are the best ones, they come with the battery built in and last for about 7 years before needing replaced. They will make a sound when it is time to change.

There are ways to fit wooden beams or protect combustible parts of the building structure from hot flue pipes, a heat shield must be installed. There are specific building regulations regarding these shields so we would always recommend you get a trained professional to do the math and install it safely.

If you are wanting to install a stove or service your existing stove or make good a problem give us a call or drop us a quick message in the form below and we will get right back to you.


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