Dreaded Damp

Got Damp? It could be your chimney stack at fault.


Nesty Business

The winter is here at last, the nights are long and cold, the leaves are gone and so have the summer visiting birds. However its not so much the birds, but rather, what they left behind that concerns us.  Nests pose a problem when we go to start using our fires again at this time … Continue reading Nesty Business

Wooden Beams

Wooden beams look great with a stove, there's no doubt about that.  Done right a stove can be fitted  and you can use natural materials to compliment the look. However It has to be done right.  Here are a few examples of wooden beams using reclaimed timber to compliment the look. The beams on both … Continue reading Wooden Beams

Sticks in the city

It's fire lighting season again, and to many that ignites a hunger for that cozy feeling you can only get from a wood burning stove.  Stoves have become hugely popular over the last decade and because they are so efficient compared to an open fire will continue to be a very popular way of enjoying the … Continue reading Sticks in the city